Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

Do you want to quit smoking…..for good? Are you ready to experience a healthier smoke free life?

Smoking is a learned habit involving repetition, like most habits. The more you repeat a behavior the more likely you are to keep repeating that behavior because you have created a new neuro pathway in your brain, by repeating this negative behavior. Your subconscious believes you want this frequently used behavior because you keep doing it, over and over many times a day depending on how many cigarettes you smoke. A pack a day is 20 times a day repeating this same behavior, that is a lot of repetition. The subconscious mind takes in all the information from your body and your senses, and makes it easier for you to enjoy, by adjusting the sensory information, so even if you did not like the taste or smell at first, which most people do not, the subconscious mind helps you to do what it thinks you want, without judgment, even if it is not good for you.

This is a great example of the differences between the conscious and subconscious mind and how they process things in their own separate ways. The conscious mind knows how bad smoking is for your health and all the dangers it poses and yet the subconscious mind continues to compel you to smoke.

Rob Kelly Method

The key to the success of The Rob Kelly Method, can be explained by differentiating the belief system of a smoker from and ex-smoker, and from a non-smoker.
95% of people who go through a session of the Rob Kelly Method leave the consulting room as a Non-smoker.

A smokers belief system, is that of someone who thinks about smoking, who likes to smoke, who gets cravings to smoke, who gets withdrawal symptoms when he doesn't smoke, who associates with smokers, who worries about not being able to smoke.....

An ex-smokers belief system, is essentially the same as a smokers, but they don't actually smoke anymore... they still want to smoke, they still get cravings to smoke, they still think about smoking, they still feel 'withdrawal' from smoking, but they refrain from actually having one. In other words, an ex-smoker actually has a much harder life than a smoker, because they have all the negative symptoms associated with smoking, without the relaxing, rewarding pleasureable experience of actually smoking.

It's not surprising that the vast majority of ex-smokers end up going back to being smokers - sooner or later. (They are really just waiting for any excuse to go out and buy a packet!)

A non-smokers belief system, is totally different from the other two.
These people don't EVER think about smoking, they don't EVER worry about smoking, they don't EVER get withdrawal symptoms or cravings, they don't EVER fantasize about smoking, they don't ever miss smoking at all..... in fact, no thoughts about about smoking ever really come into their mind. They are indifferent to it. They couldn't care less about smoking - it means nothing to them.

In all Robs research, he didn't come across any other anti-smoking technique that time after time after time helped people to turn into non-smokers.

The Rob Kelly Method helps people to change their belief system
to that of a non-smoker. 

Single Session - £79 normally £129