What is Hypnosis ? Hypnosis is a mental state or set of attitudes usually induced by a Hypnotist known as a hypnotic induction, which is commonly composed of a series of preliminary instructions and suggestions. Hypnosis places your mind in a natural learning state - a state of heightened awareness or suggestibility. All hypnosis is really nothing more than self-hypnosis requiring 100% consent by the participant. The hypnotist merely guides you into the state so together you can change the programming you desire.

How Hypnosis Works...
Hypnosis allows you to bypass the conscious level of your mind and access the subconscious mind which operates much like a computer. Like a computer, your subconscious mind must operate based on the programming that's been placed within it. Human programming is essentially everything that we've experienced since birth. The beauty of hypnotherapy is that it allows us to get rid of the old, negative programming that's clouding our perceptions or motivating negative behaviors and health patterns and replace it with positive, life-enhancing programming that allows us to not only feel great, but excel.

Can I be hypnotized? I've tried it before and I never "went under."
Anyone with an open mind, reasonable intelligence, and the ability to concentrate can be hypnotized. You don't need to "zone out" or become unconscious. In fact, many people coming out of hypnotic trance don't believe they've been hypnotized until they experience the positive results of their session! It is estimated that 97% of the population can be hypnotized and enter into some type of hypnotic trance every day.

Can a hypnotist really make me cluck like a chicken or bark like a dog?
Only if you really want to! You cannot be made to do or say anything you would normally object to do while in everyday situations. As a matter of fact, while under hypnosis you have an increased sense of awareness that would immediately make you aware of anything that would conflict with moral or ethical belief systems.

Can someone get me to give away my secrets while under hypnosis?
People who are afraid of giving away secrets or embarrassing themselves in the hypnotic state can, and often do, disguise their personal revelations in a literal or symbolic language that is meaningful only to them. The hypnotherapist acts as a guide in the revelatory process, records any comments, and helps interpret the information if requested by the client. Besides, a certified hypnotherapist works under a code of standards promoting confidentiality in a session.

Can I lose control or get Stuck in Hypnosis?
No. You will always remain in total control during your session - hearing and remembering everything - you will be an active participant. The idea that you can "get stuck" in the state of hypnotherapy is a misconception. At the mere thought of wanting out, your mind snaps you right back to your normal conscious level of operation.

I want my husband to stop smoking, can you make him stop?
As we have already mentioned, all hypnosis is nothing more than self-hypnosis and the client can not be made to do anything he or she doesn't want to do. If your husband or wife doesn't want to stop smoking, there is nothing that the hypnotist can do with any lasting effects. Any Hypnotist promising to do so is just wrong.

How many Hypnosis sessions will I need?
Our office has seen hundreds of clients come and go and everyone is a bit different. Some clients can come in and just need one session; while others have taken 3 to 4 sessions. It all depends on an individual's desire and commitment to the process. Hypnosis works!!